Yarn Art

OK all! It is time to get going and START CROCHETING/KNITTING!

This year we are welcome to yarn bomb ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in Olander Park located at 6930 Sylvania Avenue.

While this is exciting, as soon as you arrive at the park you will notice that there is an unimaginable amount of yarnboming ideas! We decided that it was best to focus our intentions on one specific area so it has more impact.

What we discovered last year was that if you use BRIGHT ACRYLIC yarn, we can reuse it over and over each year. So know that everything you make this year will be added to the collection and used every year!

How you can contribute:

  1. You are more than welcome to go to the park and measure any vertical post or tree and design your own! Get into the spirit and do the entire process on your own!
  2. We provide some measurements below so you can create a piece that we will put up at the beginning of February.

*This year you CAN MAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT! stripes, granny squares….GO FOR IT!*

Create as many pieces as you want of the following sizes:

  • 19×47 (various sign posts)
  • 30×20 (small posts-there are hundreds of them throughout the park)
  • 8×71 (sign posts)
  • Trees–make as many of the following sizes that you want. We will piece them together and put them on trees throughout the park!
  • 40×60
  • 20×30

Questions? Want to join in? Then signup with us at http://yarnbombsylvania.com/join-us/.

We look forward to seeing your colorful creations!