The Board of Trustees and Executive Director

Our Executive Board

Laura Jakes, President
Sue McHugh, Vice President
Susan Park, Treasurer
Nancy Crandell, Secretary

Our Committee Chairs

James Gosman Orchestra Chair

Joshua Lightle Film Chair, 

Rae Betz Red Bird Chair

Dave Navarre Public Art Chair

Laurie Francisco Theatre Chair 

Our Trustees

Jim Perlman

Scott Hudson

Nate Schank

Shannon Szyperski

Amy Buckey

Michelle Atkinson

Dani Fuller

Laura Megeath

Cindy Betz

Erika Buri

Samanthia Rousos

Brian Kezur

Lyndsey Stough

Gabe Ng 

Mayor Craig Stough

With special thanks in the memory of Sr. Sheila Shea

Jennifer Archer, Executive Director