Banner Art

Have you driven through Sylvania, or walked downtown lately? Did you happen to look up and see some wonderful artwork on the banners hanging above you? Wonder who was responsible for those little works of art? Well you have come to the right place!

A few years ago the Sylvania Community Arts Commission was tasked to find artwork to hang along our streets that would speak to spirit that encompasses Sylvania. The banners change three times a year, and highlight different artists or aspects of our community. Each series of banners is selected by a committee formed by the SCAC, the Downtown Sylvania Association, the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce, city officials and business owners. The banners are sponsored by different businesses that have ties to our community who want to contribute to our efforts to make Sylvania a more beautiful place to live.

Interested in sponsoring a series? Please contact our Director for information at or (419)517-0118.

For our winter series, Republic Services chose to help us artistically inspire the youth in Sylvania by holding a contest every year at an area elementary school. This year Sylvan Elementary School was chosen to be the host school, and as a result over 100 students in 4th and 5th grade submitted entries. This large number of entries was due to the efforts and support of Sylvan art teacher Julia- what an impressive feat! Scott and Barb Hudson (owners of the Hudson Gallery, and two of the judges) were so impressed by the entries that they held a reception to honor all of the students who entered.


View designs.

Banner Bags

Interested in purchasing a custom, reusable banner bag? Stop by Chic Happens on Main Street to choose from a variety of custom bags with local banner art work.